Office Meeting Tips Presentation Template

This presentation links imagery to motion, giving a fresh way to present information. Focusky provides seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to layout design. Start with a blank canvas, add elements anywhere on the canvas. Drag and drop frames over these elements. Set a custom path that you like by moving these frames. A number of frame layouts, content layouts and smart arts are available for you to organize elements easily.

With simple clicks, you can replace texts, images and other elements in these preset layouts. What’s more, Focusky offers a range of align tools like such as the grid to help make your layout neat, clean, organized and structured. Apart from flexible layout design option, Focusky comes with powerful exhibition setting option. You have complete control over the visibility of sidebar, start button,subtitle, countdown, progressbar and more. You can also set the presentation to auto play and make the presentation loop.

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How to use this template in Focusky?

1. Download Focusky presentation software and install in your computer(supports both Windows and Mac device). The presentation software contains 1,000+ free presentation templates for nearly all topics and industries.

2. Pick a template you want from the software interface. You can also enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of software and find a suitable template for your topics.

3. Edit the template in Focusky and make your own presentation with ease.