2018/12/18 Interactive Smart Phone Presentation Template Free Download

Free Smart Phone Presentation Template

The above animation presentation template(Iphone XR) is made by Focusky. It's an amazing piece of software, even if you haven't done a presentation or an animated video before, and with this software, you can quickly create works that satisfy you. Let's go through this template and see what’s function it has.

First of all, add various types and pictures that are compatible with the background color to fill and layout the whole animation scene, use your infinite imagination on the infinite canvas, freely add the graphics and pictures you like. Secondly,it use of WordArt can not only bring unexpected results to the presentation, but also highlight the key content of this slide, so that the audience can see at a glance and everything is under control. Thirdly, different animation effects are added to different objects to make the presentation more vivid and to create a dynamic effect in which the whole presentation is moving.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are other features such as You can add the Video mask. It simply change the shape of the video player to meet the personalized design requirements, so that the shape of the video player is no longer confined to a single space, so as to enhance the overall sense of fashion and beauty.

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How to use this template in Focusky?

1. Download Focusky presentation software and install in your computer(supports both Windows and Mac device). The presentation software contains 1,000+ free presentation templates for nearly all topics and industries.

2. Pick a template you want from the software interface. You can also enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of software and find a suitable template for your topics.

3. Edit the template in Focusky and make your own presentation with ease.