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Focusky Presentation Maker Version 1.2.3 Released

15 May, 2014

Today May 15 2014, the Focusky Presentation Maker Version 1.2.3 came into the world with major upgrades to take you into a fabulous presentation journey.

Below is the update information for Version 1.2.3

New Features
  • Thumbnail panel for presenting. When displaying a presentation, click the thumbnail button on the bottom-right corner of screen to open the panel.
  • When playing a presentation, click on the object to focus on the path it belongs to. Keep pressing on the Shift key and click on the object, the displayer will focus on the object.
  • One-click to clear rotation of object.
  • Enable to unlock all the objects.
  • New template feature. Users can add new templates, make their own templates and manage templates.
  • Extend theme feature, allowing user to customize theme, import & export theme.
  • More shapes available.
  • Enable full screen mode in preview and improve the toolbar of presentation.
  • Improve the notify bar of path editing mode.
  • Improve the performance of displayer to avoid running unacceptably while the path is too long.
  • Fix the problem that the program doesn’t run acceptably when drag multiple objects at a time.
  • Fix the display problem of SWF file.
  • Optimize performance for edit mode and display.