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New Features in Coming Version 1.2.2

26 Feb, 2014

The Focusky Presentation software Version 1.2.2 will launch in mid-March 2014 with more useful features. From this post you can preview what is coming in the new version.

According to the feedback of Focusky users, we plan to realize below features in Version 1.2.2. (This is not a complete list, we may add other new features to the final product)

  • Optimize multi-language support to support different kinds of languages like RTL(right to left) language, Latin languages, Japanese, Swedish and so on.
  • Provide pre-designed templates and themes for quickly building a presentation.

  • Enable to focus on the object which you click when displaying a presentation.
  • Add new brush tool, so that you can draw free on the digital whiteboard with mouse.
  • Title, subtitle, and body font.

We may update this list later if we adjust the plan.

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The Focusky V1.2.2 had launched, you can download it now. Learn more about the Version 1.2.2