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6 Creative Tips to Make an Interactive Company Presentation Online

Offering an interactive company presentation is a win-win situation. Not only will your audience be less likely to doze off at some points, but also you can get the information across without any difficulty. If you are looking for ways to make an interactive company presentation, try following 6 company presentation tips.


> Part 1: 6 Creative Tips to Make an Interactive Company Presentation Online
> Part 2: Compelling Presentation Designed by Focusky

Part 1: 6 Creative Tips to Make an Interactive Company Presentation Online


1. Choose the Right Technology

It is suggested that you should use a presentation tool to help you make an interactive company presentations. You can get the creativity flow better, working in a platform that provides wonderful inspiration and effective tools through the entire process, from presentation creation to presentation sharing. With a presentation cool, you will get an ideal result in a short time.

For example, Focusky, a famous presentation tool, lets you create a wide selection of presentations, like company presentations, easily and quickly. Instead of hiring professionals, you can get the content animated on your own, when using the animation tool in this software. Focuksy’s in-and-out zooming function allows you to jump from point to point, so that you can better demonstrate your thought process. It is also easy for the audience to grasp what you’re trying to convey.



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2. Provide Fresh Content

Your audience likes to experience new things. Fresh content is the key to an interactive company presentation. Try to share your ideas with friends to gain a fresh perspective for creating contents for the presentation. The presentation software Focusky allows for online collaboration based on multi-use account option, giving you the chance to get inspiration for creative contents instantly.




3. Include Videos

Videos evoke emotions in an audience and help you tell stories effectively. Find and insert videos that reflect and add value to your topic in the presentation. Avoid those pointless videos that may disrupt the flow of your presentation. With the seamless integration of online videos and local videos in Focusk , there is no excuse for not using them.



4. Add music

Add music, when appropriate, to put the audience in the right mood to digest the information quickly. The music can be used as background music through all slides, or just a part of elements on one slide. Focusky offers you two ways to get the music resources: inserting from computer disk, or recording just from within the software.



5. Set Triggers

Triggers offer you the chance to hide some information that can be accessible through clicks or other mouse operations. Set different trigger behavior to encourage audience’s curiosity and getting them to explore and actively participate in the presentation content. There are different kinds of trigger action options in Focusky, according to the trigger property.




6. Incorporating Animations

Incorporating animations can transform static presentation to into dynamic one that entertains the audience. Animations work well to show how things work, to highlight an idea, and to make your content stand out. Take a look at the library of animation effects in Focusky and applying amazing animations to your presentation element.



Part 2: Compelling Presentation Designed by Focusky


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