Creative HTML5 Presentation Maker

Focusky provides a powerful creating, editing and publishing platform for everyone to freely

make HTML5 presentations. Mobile-friendly presentation is shareable and will

wow people on any device.

Impressive Presentation Example

Infinite Canvas · Unlimited Zoom and Pan Effect · Killer Presentation on Mobiles

Make Awesome Presentations without PPT

Being gorgeous has never beed so easy with Focusky presentation creator. Get started with hundreds of pre-designed templates, you are able to make a brillant presentation in minutes. Compare with boring and normal powerpoint presentations, presenters can add video and animation to their slides in Focusky.

Extraordinary Zoom and Pan

Focusky gives you super power to tell stories with extraordinary zooming and panning effect. Just spark your creativity to design gorgeous presentation in limitless canvas. Roll the mouse to zoom in or out the canvas, then you could add more details in paths without blurring. Spatial dimension and motion benefit you to direct people’s attention and guide them through your messages on nearly all devices.

Export Anything Anywhere

After customizing creative HTML5 presentation on desktop client, there are flexible formats you can export your presentation to local or online. HTML for uploading to sites and viewing offline, EXE for enjoying without internet connection, ZIP for fast emailing, PDF for convenient printing and sharing, while MP4 for easy embedding and spreading. What is more, you can also upload your presentation online to wow the world powerfully.

Readability & Accessibility

Your HTML5 presentation will be animated and inspiring with super animation editor and interaction designer. Visual impact of your presentation will be accessed to desktop, mobile apps, any other devices as well. Mobile-friendly presentation gives you power to amaze people with ease.

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