Free Slide Presentation Software

Focusky is a perfect tool for presenters and teachers to create attractive presentations that

will wow your audiences or students for its versatile features, such as the customizable path,

split screen view, informative annotation and the more.

Non-linear Presentation Example

Path of Discovery· Split Screen View· Informative Annotations

Dynamic Presentation Background

An attractive presentation background will absolutely bring your presentations to a new level. In Focusky, you can not only embellish your presentation with default image background or background color, but also animate your presentations with vivid 3D background and video background as well.

Amazing Path of Discovery

Focusky allows you to give your presentation with amazing panning, zooming and rotating effect rather than the slide-to-slide presentation effect. In its unlimited canvas, you can add 4 different frames in your presentation including rectangle frame, bracket frame, circle frame and invisible frame. All your wonderful ideas can be expressed with the help of this amazing software.

Split Screen View

You can give your presentation in a split screen when you save your presentation in *fs format. That’s to say, presentations on your projector will be showed normally but on your own computer screen, you can show the thumbnail of your presentation paths and customize each path’s remark. Teachers and presenters will give a smoother presentation with the help of these hints.

Informative Annotation

When you save your presentations in *fs format or publish them in *exe/*app format, you are able to add informative annotations (arrows, brushes, texts, rectangles, ovals, lines, dashes, etc) in your presentations. It is undoubtedly easier for you to highlight the important points in this way.

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