Online Slide Presentation Creator

More than an online slide presentation creator, Focusky helps to show a presentation

with 3D transition and zooming effect to your audience. Make an interactive animated

video presentation with wonderful contents.

Free Presentation Templates

Get started with hundreds of proffessional templates for all topics

Stunning Presentation Example

Interactive presentation with multimedia · Cloud-based solusion · Mobile friendly-view on all devices

Infinite Canvas & Imagination

Let your mind travel to infinity on the unlimited canvas. Put all contents you need on the canvas. It would never squeeze on account of the canvas being magnified unlimitedly. Multimedia contents like video, images, audio, flash, animated roles.

Publish to Cloud – Share Around

Publish the presentation online to share it around easily. You can re-edit it online in your homepage. Share the presentation to social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Elaborate WordArt & Texture

WordArt and texture are sure to be the embellishment for your presentation. They can be deemed as a plus for text contents. Text with special effect would be much more attractive to audiences.

Zooming and Rotating

Zooming in and out to display your details and outline, you can control the presentation in macro and micro. Give your contents the rotating effect by rotate the frame, showing your presentation in an interesting way.

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