Free Powerpoint Alternative Tool

With great engaging resonances and emotional hooks, Focusky enables you to design

interactive presentation with ease. It can be a powerful PowerPoint alternative tool

to help you amaze the world.

Beautiful Presentation Example

Modern-style HTML5 Presentation · Unlimited Online Publishing Platform · Engaging Zooming Experience

Presenters’ Best Friend

Say goodbye to those boring presentations, make them more professional and engaging. Focusky is presenters’ best friend to bring creative ideas to life. It is free PowerPoint alternative tool for everyone to create stunning presentation online. No matter you are beginners or designers, you will be satisfied for its amazing features and user-friendly interface.

10 Types of Charts

Take full advantage of charts and make your presentation persuasive. To tell data, tendency, analysis and structure clearly and logically, 10 types of charts will be useful in presentation. Bar, Dot, Pie, Polygonal Line, Area, Stacking, Radar, Mixed, Nightingale Rose Charts and Table will make your content better understanding. Just select a suitable chart, add it in presentation and edit with your own information, your content will be well received by audiences.

Everything Animated

Focusky is feature-rich that provides everything you need to fast edit and instant distribution of your content. And first, there are hundreds of animation effects for you to liven up details. Special animations like curtain open, dazzle color, hand draw, paper airplane enter, particle gradient into, reel expand and stamp will make presentation stunning. Multimedia contents therefore will be attention-grabbing.

Presentation Online

Focusky on the desktop gives presenters powerful editors to design presentation in vivid style. Then you can upload rich presentation online to broadcast your content and inspire audiences. Awesome online publishing services will make you stand out online. From homepage to subscription, showcases to billing, you will be an extraordinary presenter among all competitors.

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