Real Estate Presentation Software

Focusky makes it possible for real estate marketers to become a great presenter

who has taken the lead in creating attrractive presentations for

real estate industry.

Gorgeous Presentation Sample

Interactive elements · Seamless viewing experience · Real-time sharing

Eye-catching Frame Layouts

Focusky makes your contents stand out with tons of pre-made frame layouts. Add images, videos, texts and any other objects in these frames with different layouts to control over how the object shows, and relates to each other on your slides.

Impressive Slideshow

Create an impressive image slideshow to grab attention. It won’t take you more than 54 minutes to design such a slideshow with types of slideshow options provided by Focusky, which will put your images in kinds of elegant motions.

Straightforward Image Editor

Use straightforward image editor to adjust your designs accordingly in the presentation. You can crop the image to fix audience’s eyes on a particular area of the image. It is very easy to beautify the image by changing the brightness with the relative tool.

Convenient Screen Recorder

Focusky provides the record screen option for you to record a video by yourself. This video will be directly inserted into your presentation to enhance the expression of your ideas, which helps win over your audience.

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