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Focusky is the top free presentation maker that lets designers create better looking

and professional business presentations quickly, and makes it easy

to output presentations to grab the attention of viewers.

Perfect Creation Experiences

Free and safe download · Collection of rich media · Share and publish with ease

Embed Animation, Zooming and Transition Effects

The great animation effects of Focusky can be built in business contents to help publishers focus on the very important points they want to pass out to the targeted audiences. For this presentation solution, even you have the right to zoom in/out freely without decreasing image's clarity. The automatic transition effect also brings a perfect experience like viewing a 3D movie.

Produce Rich Media Contents

Focusky gives you more options in the creation of a media rich business presentation. You are not only able to add text, images, shape, music or video to presentation like other presentation maker, but also embed link (link to web page, specific path, file or folder, chart, symbol, online video, flash and dynamic role. The media description can definitely bring your business presentation to life and help to captivate more viewers.

Customize Logo to Promote Brand

Adding logo to the presentation is one of efficient way to grow business. With Focusky presentation maker, you will be easier to upload your unique logo and customize it to meet your requirements, such as opacity setting, blink effect setting, and web page link setting. Make full use this wonderful feature in your presentation making, it will truly help to promote the company and let audiences know you first.

Connect with Social Networks

Presentations created by Focusky are very stunning and interactive. When you utilize this service to produce a multimedia and innovative business presentation, you can make it reachable for more people by social sharing with a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked In and more.

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