Best Training Presentation Maker

Focusky makes your teaching material engaging enough to fight distractions

in class. It is the perfect tool to make interesting classroom online.

Creative Presentation Example

Unlimited audio · Extensive editing options · Easy access

Extensive Content Support

The training presentation, which is created by Focusky, supports common contents including images, videos,PowerPoint slides and the like. Many more content types can also be included such as animation and voice narration.

Advanced Creation Assistance

There are a plenty of tools - both manual and automated –for you to speed and fine tune your design efforts. Use keyboard shortcuts to replace slow mouse navigation, and take a look at dynamic powerful configurable editor to improve object appearance.

Useful Formula Editor

The formula editor provides a free collection of customizable formulas for teachers to use in the training presentation, which can deliver wide knowledge, enhance classroom instruction, class engagement, and lesson comprehension.

Offline Export

Focusky allows you to export the presentation as the format that supports offline reading. No need to provide extra time for students who do not have internet access at home. All students can view the presentation in advance at any place

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