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5 ways to create a new project

Create your first amazing project? Focusky provides powerful five ways for you. With this basic knowledge mastered, your presentation will be cool and stunning.

Focusky provides easy and intuitive steps for creating individual-style project. Starting from new empty project, directly opening project, using online templates and importing from PowerPoint and published files, these five methods make your project get started in minutes.

create a new project

Watch video tutorial to learn how to create a new project.

1 New Empty Project-> Layout & Background Color-> Create

First to click "New Empty Project" button, then you can choose layout and background color for your content. Finally, click "Create" button to edit.

create a new project

2Open Project->Select a Project->Reedit

Click "Open Project" button, select a project then you can open to reedit it.

create a new project

3 Importing from PowerPoint-> Select a PPT File->Open to Edit

Click "Importing from PowerPoint" button to open your PPT file, then follow the simple five steps to create a new project.

create a new project

create a new project

4 New Project from Published Files-> Select File-> Open to Edit

Click "New Project from Published Files" button, then select a published file, click "Select Folder" button to edit.

create a new project

5 Online Templates->Click to Start Project

Focusky provides plenty of online templates to make stunning presentation. Find your favorite one, then click to start a new project.

create a new project