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  • How to import contents from PowerPoint document?

    Focusky allows users to import PowerPoint documents and continue edit with ease. Then you can learn to how to import contents from PowerPoint documents exactly.
  • How to apply Focusky template

    Various beautiful pre-designed templates provided by Focusky are sure to meet your needs. Just select your favorite template and fulfill the content, you can apply Focusky template for a wonderful presentation with few clicks.
  • How to create new project from PPT?

    Focusky tutorial to show you how to create new project from PPT in two ways and import PPT to the current project. All those things are as easy as pie.
  • 5 ways to create a new project

    Create your first amazing project? Focusky provides powerful five ways for you. With this basic knowledge mastered, your presentation will be cool and stunning.
  • 6 steps to create an awesome presentation

    How to make your presentation professional and effective? Focusky ensures you to create an awesome presentation with simple six steps.
  • How to create a new empty project

    Easily get started with Focusky! A new empty project is good for presentation designing and ideas expressing. Your project will be in perfect customized style.
  • Can I create the project from published file

    Create the project from published file is convenient for later using. Focusky ensures you to reedit your published file with simple several steps.
  • How to import and export templates

    Manage templates for wonderful presenting effect is quite easy. Focusky ensures you to save your projects as templates and manage these templates easily.