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  • How to add annotation when presenting

    You can add annotations when presenting, which helps you to highlight your presentation contents. Whenever you clicking the annotation icon, you can add annotations anywhere in your presentation as you wish.
  • How to jump to the corresponding path easily?

    When you deliver your presentation, you are able to jump to the corresponding path easily and quickly. This tutorial will show you how to reach the path you wish with the help of thumbnail button.
  • Autoplay the presentation in presenting mode

    Focusky allows you to autoplay your project when giving your presentation. Learn the simple steps to autoplay your presentation and facilitate your work from this tutorial.
  • Presenting directly from the browser

    Focusky ensures flexible output formats for you to share your presentation to others. After publishing your presentation as HTML format, you can directly presentit from the browser. It is of great convenience!
  • How to share the presentation to Facebook?

    When you publish your projects online, you can share your presentation URL to Facebook directly. It is really convenient for you to share your presentations to Facebook quickly.