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How to Autoplay Your Creative Presentation?

Does it trouble you to click for the presentation to play path to path? Luckily, you can set automatically play presentation. And the setting is too simple to image. Check out how to make your digital presentation play automatically.

A good presentation is determined by many factors, especially a long presentation. When you are tired of clicking for the next slides, what to do? Of course, you can make the presentation autoplay. Afraid of you can not catch the autoplay speed? The speed is up to you.

When you are presenting your great ideas with Focusky, you can set it to play automatically. Also, the autoplay speed is on your control.You can set the time interval between path steps. Then the Autoplay feature will automatically put your presentation on a continuous loop so that your audience can watch it again and again. But basically, you must have your own presentation.

The following video will help you know more about the autoplay setting.

You can set it in seconds. Click "Options" and find "Exhibiting Setting" and then tick "Auto Play" and "Continuous Loop". After that, you can default the path duration based on your needs. Lastly, click "Save" button to save your settings.

autoplay your creative slideshow