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How to add background color to text?

Focusky helps you to add background color to your text to create a more beautiful presentation. Here is the focusky tutorial endeavoring to give you a basis for building the necessary skills.

You can add background color to your text to get rid of the simple style in your presentation. Some relative customization in the "Advanced" list will meet your needs.

Following is the video tutorial telling you how to background color to text.

1After selecting your text, you can customize the text in the "Advanced" list. There are three kinds of default fill types: None, Pure and Gradient.

 add background color to text

2You can also select your "target color" by setting the "Fill color" to get a different effect or adjust the percentage of the “Fill alpha” and the fill angle to satisfy you.

add background color to text

2When adding the color to text border, you can set the "Border color" to select the color you want and choose to show the border or not.

Background color to text