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How to Add Sound and Make it Play Automatically when Opening the Path?

Focusky allows you to add audio from your local computer, making it possible to voice over your presentation. And you have full control over when it plays and stops.

Is it amazing to make your video presentation speak by itself? Try to add sound within your content and make your presentation vivid and alive. Focusky makes it easy to add local sound files. Check out the tutorial below to learn how.

1Click the "Music" button

Click on the "Music" button on the right-side toolbar, or find the "Music" option on the "Insert" drop-down menu.

how to add sound

2Add sound

Add sound from your computer's hard drive and move the button wherever you like. Note: At the moment, Focusky only supports MP3 format.

3Enable auto-play

To make the sound play automatically, select the "Enter Path" option on the "When to play" menu.

how to add sound

Note: Make sure that your added sound is within the path. Otherwise, the sound file cannot be played.