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How to Create Text on Canvas?

Text is indispensable in presentation. Clear and well-designed text can effectively enrich your presentation.

It is convenient to use text to convey your ideas. Beautiful design of text can be eye-catching and it is effective to make audiences well understand the ideas. Focusky provides two simple ways to create text on canvas. After inserting text, you can edit and customize to make it attractive.

This Focusky tutorial introduces how to create text on canvas and how to organize the text.


Click "Insert" button to create text on canvas, then you are able to change its font style, bold, italics, underline and align.

create text on canvas

2Click "T"--Edit

Click icon "T" to add text. Then you can edit its font style, bold, italics, underline and align. What is more, add WordArt is helpful to make your text outstanding.

create text on canvas