Animation Editor

Animation Editor helps to add animation effect to the objects of path and customize the animation with ease. There are four animation effects available: Entrance, Emphasis, Exit and Action Path.



Path Thumbnail

This is the list of path thumbnail, you can drag to re-order the path then select a path to add animation effect.



Editing Area

After select a path then you can select an object in editing area to add animation effect. In editing area, you will see all objects and player order of animation effect.



Adding Effect

After selecting an object, click "Add Effect" button to choose an effect. You will see four types animation effects (Entrance/Emphasis/Exit/Action Path) for choosing.

Then preview the animation effect by putting mouse over the selected effect and click on it to apply.



Customize Animation and Layer


(1) Start the animation on click, with previous and after previous.

(2) Click to preview the animation effect of the object.

(3) Click to change the animation effect.

(4) Click to customize animation settings such as duration and delay time.






Remove, Preview and Clear



Add Objects

Click to add new objects into canvas and add animation effect.