Element Toolbar



Insert Shape

Click the shape icon then select a shape and add to canvas. And you can customize the shape's settings such as style, editing, layering, font and more.

Steps to Insert Shape:

Click shape button -- Select a shape -- Draw on canvas -- Customize settings



Insert Image

You can add local image (*.gif, *png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.svg) or add the images from online images library. Then continue to customizing the settings to make them more beautiful.

Steps to Insert Image:

Click Image button -- Import/Select a shape -- Draw on canvas -- Customize settings



Insert Text

Click button to insert text into canvas. And then you can edit the text, customize font settings, add WordArt, shadow, background color and texture with ease.

Steps to Insert Text:

Click Text button -- Input Text -- Customize settings



Insert Video

Add Local Video: Click "Add local video" button -- Import local video -- show video on canvas -- Customize video settings

Add Web Video: Copy the video URL -- Paste video URL in the box -- Click "Add" to add video -- Customize video settings



Add Music

Click the music button to add music player into path. And then import the music (*.mp3). Then customize the settings of music player such as player color, when to play and stop and more.

(Click music button -- Import music -- Customize music settings)



Insert Roles

In order to make the presentation vivid and interesting, you can try to insert roles. There are 3 kinds of roles available: Flash Actor, PNG Actor and GIF Actor.

How to apply: Click the roles button -- Select a role -- Show on canvas -- Customize role's settings




Insert Link

Click link button -- draw the area to insert link -- Input URL -- Customize the link




Insert Symbol

There are diverse symbols for you to enrich your presentation. Just select a symbol and click, then it will show on canvas with ease. And then you can start to customize the symbol settings.



Insert SWF

There are two ways to insert SWF file into presentation. One is to add local SWF file, the other is to apply online SWF from online library.

Add local SWF: Click SWF button -- Add local SWF -- Import SWF file -- Customize file settings



Insert SmartArt

Click Smart Art button -- Select a kind of smart art -- Insert to canvas -- Insert contents to smart art -- Customize settings

Before you edit the smart art, you need to ungroup it first.




Click "Theme" icon to go to theme panel, click to apply the theme. You can save the current as a new theme, import and export the theme with ease.

And it allows you to customize the title color, title font, shape color, preset style of the presentation.



Insert Layout

Focusky provides multiple layouts for users to insert contents with ease. Because the layout is a group, before you edit the layout, you should ungroup it in advance.




In order to edit the presentation easier, you can try to hide or show the layers when editing. Click layer button,find the layer you need, and then click the eye icon to make it show or hide.



Content Layout

Focusky provides lots of content layouts for users to create the presentation in an easier way. You can drag or click the content layout to make it show on canvas and then change the text and images directly.

Before you edit the layout, please ungroup it.



My Library

In My Library, you can see the different types of elements that you used. If you want to add the material to My Library, click the objects and click button to save. Moreover, you can import elements to Library and export from it.




Click "Insert" button -- Select Formula from the list -- Input the formula -- Show on canvas