Features of Focusky

General Features

  • Easy create a new presentation.
  • Diverse beautiful built-in and online templates.
  • Amazing zooming effect, animation effect and transition effect.
  • Infinite canvas and unlimited zoom and pan effect.
  • Realistic 3D background, image background and video background.
  • Easily alter background color.
  • Easily drag and drop the frame to canvas.
  • Preview the presentation immediately when editing.
  • Save project simply for reediting later.
  • Quickly save current settings as template.


Editing Features

  • Easily insert frame (rectangle, bracket, circle and invisible frame) to canvas.
  • Diverse awesome elements (image, shape, link, formula and video).
  • Realistic 3D background, image and video background.
  • Powerful animation editor for adding creative animation effect.
  • Easily preview the presentation.
  • Easy-to-use design tool for creating compelling presentation.
  • Useful content layout for creating interesting content.
  • Gorgeous roles to make presentation vivid.
  • Customize the settings of inserted objects with ease.

Edit Path

  • Easily add objects to path.
  • Drag to change sequence of path.
  • Quickly editing path, add animation for inserted objects.
  • Customize stay and delay time of path with ease.


Publishing Features

Focusky allows you to publish the presentation in multiple formats:
  • Publish to Cloud: Publish the presentation to Focusky Cloud Platform.
  • Publish to Cloud: Publish the animated presentation to Focusky Cloud platform.
  • Windows Application: Save the presentation in Exe file format that can run on Windows PC.
  • Video: Convert the presentation into MP4 video to share, store and play offline.
  • Web Page: Output the presentation as HTML web page format and upload to your server.
  • Mac OSX Application: Make an executable application to view the presentation on Mac OS.
  • Archive: Pack the presentation in ZIP file and share it via Email with ease.
  • Mobile type: Save mobile type that can be viewed on mobile devices smoothly.
  • Publish into PDF: Save the presentation as PDF file for read, share and store easily.