Convenient Buttongs




Define and Change the title for your presentation.




Close the current project and back to home (start interface).




Create a new project in a new window.




Insert diverse contents and elements into presentation such as shape, text, image, link, video, music, SWF, smart art, symbol and formula.




Customize the background and background color for presentation. There are 3 kinds of background available: 3D background, image background and video background.




Click to enter Animation Editor, you can add animation effect (Entrance/Emphasis/Exit/Action Path) to objects of path, add objects into path and customize the settings of animation effects.





This section includes 5 parts: About Settings, Share Settings, Pre-loader Settings, Exhibition Settings and Logo.


About Settings: show or hide about button and customize the about information such as Author Name, Email, website and description.

Share Settings: show or hide the share button and then customize description.



Pre-loader Settings: Customize the loader title, scroll text and the style of pre-loader.

Exhibition Settings: Make presentation play automatically, add background music, and customize bottom progress setting and countdown settings.




Preview and Preview Current

Preview the effect of all path or current path (slide).




Save the current project or save the change in project.




Publish the presentation online or offline. There are multiple formats are available for viewing the presentation in a convenient way.