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Compatibility and Support of Zooming Presentation Created with Focusky


Which operation system(platform) can the creative presentation built with Focusky work on? What kinds of browsers can zooming presentation work with?

The current version(V 1.2.1) of Focusky Presentation Maker is built only for Windows platform, can work on Windows XP/Vista/7/8. However the digital presentation created with Focusky has cross-platform feature, it can be displayed on different platforms including Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux. The presentation software can output in either *.exe or *.html format, the EXE one is only for Windows, and the HTML one can work across different platforms and browsers.

flash player

The Adobe Flash Player 11.3+(Get Latest Flash Player) is required to run with the HTML type of digital presentation, the following is a list of browser types and platforms, and the latest Flash Player supports, from below table you can know whether your devices support running the digital presentation created by Focusky.

Platform Browser Player Version
Windows Internet Explorer
Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera (and other plugin-based browsers)
Chrome (Pepper-based Flash Player)
Macintosh OS X Firefox, Opera, Safari
Chrome (Pepper-based Flash Player)
Linux Mozilla, Firefox, SeaMonkey (Flash Player 11.2 is the last supported Flash Player version for Linux. Adobe will continue to provide security updates.)
Chrome (Pepper-based Flash Player)
Solaris Flash Player is the last supported Flash Player version for Solaris.

Since the Flash Player doesn’t work well on mobile device, the Focusky digital presentation can not be viewed on mobile devices like Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad and so on.

The HTML type of presentation can be uploaded to web hosting for online presenting, learn how to publish your ideas online now.