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How to install Java 1.6 on Mac OS


In order to run properly, the latest version(V1.3.6) of Focusky Presentation Maker for Mac requires Java 1.6 to be installed on Mac computer. This tutorial will teach you how to install Java on your Mac OS.

1. Download Java from This Site

A installation file of Java 1.6 for Mac OS has been upload to this site, you can download it directly here and install with your Mac PC.

2. Install from Mac Utilities

Since the latest Java you can get from Apple update is in version 1.6, we can directly install Java by using the system utilities. Please follow below guide to learn how to do this in your Mac computer.(Please make sure your Internet connection works)

1 Go to “Finder -> Applications” and select Utilities;

2 Find “Java Preferences” form Utilities and open it;

3 Agree to Apple software license agreement, then system will search Java from Apple;

4 Once the file is finded, Java will be installed, and you just need to wait for the finish of installation;

5 After the Java is installed, you are able to run the Focusky on your computer.