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  • How to edit existing path of animated presentation

    In previous tutorial "How to Add Objects to Path", it shows how to add objetcs to path. Actually you can also do this in the Path Edit mode. This tutorial will show you how to edit paths in your presentation.

  • How to navigate with left sidebar?

    Focusky tutorial to show you the simplest way to navigate your presentation with left siderbar.
  • Make your work easier with smart zoom feature

    Smart zoom features is one of the popular features of Focusky. Focusky enables you to apply smart zoom features simply to emphasize your content.
  • How to custom the duration of each path?

    Focusky allows you to have a free control of your presentation. Customizing the duration of each path in your presentation is beneficial for displaying your content preferably.
  • How to delete the repeated path of the same object?

    A logic path in Focusky presentation gives you a fresh experience. During editing, it is easy to delete the repeated path of the same object for better presentation.
  • How to spin a path?

    Focusky gives you an appealing video presentation and the attractive transition effects by stunning paths in different angle. In this case, you will get stunning animation presentation easily.
  • How to clone a path (frame)

    Cloning a path (frame) in presentation results in amazing presenting effect. It is beneficial for emphasizing specific content. Furthermore, it makes a difference when you decide to present the amazing zooming effect in your presentation.
  • Add subtitling and voice narration to the path

    Adding subtitling and voice narration to the path can increase comprehension. It benefits audiences to understand your presentation better. Indeed, caption and voice enhance presenting atmosphere.
  • Where can I set the delay time of the path

    Setting suitable delay time of the path can well present your presentation. It results in wonderful path transition and thus brings great experience to your audiences.
  • How to customize the transition time

    With amazing transition, your ideas are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way. This animated movie-like experience is sure to surprise audiences.
  • Easily edit the path of the presentation

    Path plays such an important role in presentation. Knowing how to edit path in an innovative way is wonderful. Focusky therefore provides useful tips for you to customize your paths. It is sure that your well-designed paths will give audiences a great enjoyment.
  • Can I set different duration for different path

    Customizing duration of path makes your content presented completely and effectively. Focusky therefore provides two simple ways for you to set different duration for different path.