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Ι. Get a Free License Code

This exclusive offer is designed for webmasters, editors bloggers or popular writers to get our great software, free!

Please take a look at the rules before you start:
  • You are welcome to participate if you are a Webmaster/Blogger/Forum moderator and your: Alexa 300000 or less; PR 3 or above. Your articles should also be Technology/Software/Computer/Presentation/PowerPoint related.
  • For freelance writers, you must be a Facebook/Twitter/ or Google Plus active member: Fans or followers needs to be more than 500. For YouTube active members: subscribers are more than 100.
  • The better your website traffic is, or the more fans or subscribers you have, the easier you can win! It's just that easy!

1. Write a review

How does this work?

Have a free trial on Focusky Presentation Maker, compose a review and publish it online(had better contain dofollow links to our site), then contact us and offer the information of review and your site(traffic, visitors, PageRank, geography and more) to win a free license.
We also appreciate it if you share your review on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter / Google plus etc, and we will thank you by doing the same on our social networks!

2. Link to Focusky

How does this work?

Place a backlink or a banner ad of Focusky at your website, you will have a chance to get a free license. Further more, you should let us know the performance of your website, so please email us with the information(traffic, visitors, PageRank, region, bounce rate) of your website. In this case, your license key will be valid as long as the link or banner is on your site. If you want to be a partner of us, please contact us soon!

Please note: We are not interested in links from Web sites with pirated software, hacking tools, etc - adult content etc., or any type of content that may involve copyright infringements.

ΙΙ. Affiliate

Our affiliate program is a quick and easy way to make money by reselling our software on your website. You will receive a 30% commission on all orders placed by referrals from your website.

About the Focusky Affiliate Program

Our Focusky affiliate program allows publishers, resellers, and web site owners to advertise our products to their users and visitors, earning 30% commission on each referred sale.

What are the costs of being part of the Focusky Affiliate Network?

Nothing! You sign up, your account is created, and your links are created instantly. You make money when you make sales. Personal real-time reporting pages allow you to see your account balance 24/7.

Signing Up

Becoming a Focusky Affiliate is quick and easy. Our affiliate program is managed by MyCommerce, an established leader in software affiliate programs.
To Get Started, simply complete our online sign-up form. Don't forget to read the quick guide.

Affiliate Information about us in MyCommerce

Our MyCommerce ID is 9891. All of our products are sold via MyCommerce, and we have MyCommerce Site Level Certification.

ΙΙΙ. Customer Showcase

Have you published your presentation which created with our products and want to spread around the world? We could also publish your online presentation on show case page on Please contact us and provide the following information: You name, Business Name (if Application), a short description on your presentation or any comments.

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