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Focusky-New Zooming Canvas Business Presentation Software

Focusky is full individualized presentation software which can be used to make business presentation, marketing & sales catalog as traditional PowerPoint Presentation. But differences are obvious; Focusky enables users to insert text, Image, SWF, local videos, online videos of YouTube and Vimeo and also links of website, while PowerPoint Presentation cannot import online videos. Focusky liberate interesting conversations from the boredom of one-way PowerPoint Presentations. For business effective presentation, users can also draw shapes in the software to clearly show ideas with mindmapping settings.

Significance of Using Focusky in a Company:

  • For Enterprise Team Inter Meeting & Communication;
  • Better Communication with Clients, Convincing Clients, Selling Products

Implementation and Advantages of Focusky

1. Visualization of Information in dynamic and progressive way like telling a story. In Focusky, different types of files can be imported as the content of the presentation. Images of products, Text of instructions, Local Video or online Video of Company or products, Flash of decorations and Link of homepage or important pages can be combined in one slide presentation. All added items can be played in order according the path sequence in edition.

2. With Zooming Canvas feature of Focusky, the presentation will show more information to viewers, and the inspire presentation will stand out from the competition and better engage your audience.

3. Vivid slide presentation will inspire audience;

4. Zoom and slide to focus on all important details in the presentation;

5. Publish in HTML version presentation and upload to the server for online viewing which will be convenient to show the business presentation, even without any portable storage devices as USB storage or laptop.

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