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Animated Education Presentation with More Fun to Engage The Class

Visualized & Vivid Digital Canvas for Mindmapping Class

Focusky – Zooming and Full Screen Slideshow

Focusky's zooming canvas brings a brand new way for classroom. Never underestimate imaginations of your students. They are the future, so their every lesson should be significant! For innovated classes and complicated lesson tasks, Focusky interactive slideshow would be understandable, memorable and fun which will be efficient.

More Memorable and Easy-to-know Lectures in Mind Map Way

1. Foucsky is no longer the traditional slideshow as in PowerPoint Presentation. All smart zoom and slide in the Focusky animated presentation will effect on students' creativity education as the mind mapping. With lessons on digital whiteboard, teacher will be more flexible when communicating with students and students will get more ideas of the lesson and be more inspired in the class.

2. Interactive classroom will replace the out date way of teaching, the role of teachers will no longer unilaterally to impart knowledge. The role of teacher will be more likely a viewer, students will get more opportunities to express their ideas of lessons, and they can share their knowledge or ideas by a team-worked zooming presentation. The class will never be boring, it will be a pleasure.

It is proved that interesting teaching method with all animated and vivid factors is a better way for students to understand, accept and memorize knowledge.

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