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Focusky – Animated Auto Play Electronic Whiteboard


When you present at a conference: Maybe it is your first time on the stage to give a conference presentation, although you have already prepared your content for the presentation, you still need to do something to gain enough confidence of a perfect form for displaying. Or maybe you are already a veteran, you have won lots of faithful audiences in different conferences, but you are not satisified with the current situation and you are seek for some break throughs in other forms.

As a successful presentation, it should attract Audiences attentions in the beginning of the conference, except content innovations, there must be more fresh things on the display form. One-way presentation or lengthy text will make the audience a depressing and sleepy feeling. However, once you got Focusky presentation maker, you can use less words with images, videos, flash and other animated, developed style to share your ideas or express your point of view with companions. All audiences will be inspired by the unique displaying method, and they will follow your clues to think deeply when you are giving the speech or presentation in the conference.

Specific Features:

  • Various medium can be added to make the presentation full of fun and expression;
  • Clear clue in the presentation to show ideas more easily;
  • Digital canvas to show your opinions;
  • Save project file to adopt and add new ideas to the presentation;
  • Publish the presentation into HTML, ZIP or EXE format to better apply for the conference.

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