Focusky Zooming Presentation SoftwareVersion: 1.4.2

The very presentation software to create effective, innovative and engaging presentation for online or offline displaying.

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Supported OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP & Mac OS

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Get Started with Focusky

Ι. Register

After purchasing Focusky, you will receive a confirm email which contains your order info and license code.

Copy the license code in the confirm email to the Pop-up Register form to finish registration of Focusky. Once you completed the registration, the pop-up register form will never ever appear in Focusky.

If you are a free user, you can skip the registration.

ΙΙ. Create New Presentation Project

Once you opened Focusky, a new program began, and you can:

1. Choose a template from the template panel or start with a blank template;

2. Switching to Shape Tab, and then picking an icon on toolbar to drawing on the digital whiteboard;

3. Switching to Insert Tab, you can choose any item from the toolbar, and you can add the item on the digital canvas on any position. Select the added item to edit the properties.

4. Choose elements on the canvas one by one to add them to path. The order in the path would be the play order of your presentation;

5. Go back to Home Tab, you can preview your slide presentation, or you can publish the presentation to local computer. For publish, you can press Publish button under the Home Tab, or click publish option under Files, but the most convenient way to publish slideshow in Focusky is press F6 on keyboard. In the publish interface, you can choose an output format and set for properties, then convert the mind mapping presentation in HTML, ZIP or EXE format.

new zoom presentation with focusky


  • Flexible add, delete, copy and paste items on the digital canvas;
  • While editing, you can preview the aniamted presentation from Home Tab anytime;
  • Rolling the Mouse wheel to free resize scale of the white board;
  • On canvas, any unlocked added elements can be flexible moved and altered.